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Your Ultimate Buying Guide to A Perfect Pool Cue Case

Your Ultimate Buying Guide to A Perfect Pool Cue Case  

Whether competing with friends or at a professional level, you surely need a good cue stick! Just like any other favourite or important thing we own, we keep it protected and safe for longer durability and quality. After all, your cue stick plays a huge role in the game. 
So, what makes a perfect cue case? Is it according to the material used, or design, or style, or portability?
Here in this article, we provide you an in-depth buying guide to the best pool cue cases.
Let’s get to know more of it as you read the details below!

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What are Pool Cue Cases for?

If you have been into amateur pool games, you would always see players carrying their cue sticks without the cases on. Well, lucky for them if there’s no unexpected damage ahead of it. But for some, you would see their cue stick falling off, or hitting on hard surfaces, or putting it in an exposed area where cosmetic damages can certainly happen.
Pool Cue Cases have an important role in protecting your pool accessories to keep their functionality in every game. Not only that, but you and your cue sticks can also be the dynamic duo highlighting every game you play and winning it for consecutive times. Amazing isn’t it?
That’s how cue sticks bring importance to the pool tables.
Now, the type of player you are will determine what kind of pool cue cases you need. If you go traveling and playing in different places, you surely need one! But if you have your game hall and pool table in your home, you might just be displaying your cue sticks in a rack or somewhere safe.
Also, there are a lot of pool cue cases available on the market from different respectable brands in the industry. There are durable cue cases from Action, Instroke, Porper, Stout, Lucasi, and many more.
Let’s break down the benefits of having pool cue cases.

What are the Benefits of Having Pool Cue Cases?


Warpage is common damage in cue sticks due to moisture and exposure to other liquid substances. Most of the time when traveling or in transit, your cue stick without cases can be hard to protect, especially from raindrops. That is why most pool cue cases are manufactured with a waterproof feature to ensure the quality of the cue sticks and other pool accessories.

Fall Protection

The chances of being damaged from getting dropped or hit by hard materials are high since standard pool cue sticks are made from wood. Usually, hard pool cue cases are the ones that can protect your cue sticks from this. Or whatever type of cue cases you buy, as long as they have a fall protection feature, then it could be a good pick for you.

Easy to Transport or Store
If you go on traveling, be sure to buy cases with handles or straps and made from lightweight materials for an easy to carry pool cue cases. Some cases are troublesome to bring since it is much heavier than the cue stick itself. Let us try to achieve hassle- and strain-free travel.

Additional Storage/Pockets
We all know that cue sticks are not the only materials needed in the pool or billiards. We need the other essentials such as chalks, tip tools, gloves, tote to your gloves, and other personal belongings. And also, it is more convenient in bringing less stuff in traveling or transporting. Less stuff less hassle.
pool cue case guide

What are the Different Types of Pool Cue Cases?

Soft Pool Cue Case

A lot of people prefer to have soft cases because of its benefits that it is the cheapest option to take considering the materials used for this case are usually nylon, vinyl, or leather.
Second, you can unzip the case fully and conveniently check on the cues.
Third, it can be easily stored because it is foldable. If it is being unused, you can fold it and store it in your limited storage without causing too much hassle.
Another benefit you can take from soft cases is it is lighter compared to the other pool cue cases. So, this could be a good use when traveling.
But the downside of the soft pool cue cases is it can be more prone to bending and warping the cues since there is less stiffness of the material used.
So basically, soft pool cue cases are the cheapest and but offers the least amount of protection.

Hard Pool Cue Case

Hard pool cue cases are the popular picks for most players. Hard cases are generally made from leather with tube-like sturdy finishing. These are mostly large due to its strong protection and have extra spaces for more storage.
hard pool cue case
Also, this type of case provides more protection of cue sticks from bending or warping and scratches. In some brands, they offer spring-loaded cases that can help you in getting your cues out of the case easily.
Compared to soft cases, this type of case is more expensive and much like a hassle when in transit because of its weight and size. But this offers more protection and durability.

Box Pool Cue Case

This is an aesthetically professional nice option for a pool cue case. Unlike other cases, this is like a briefcase that has latch style fasteners and some even add built-in combination locks for a more secure case. It protects your cue sticks and other accessories by having a hard outer shell with a dense foam interior for your cue sticks to store.
Box pool cue cases are usually made from aircraft aluminum to wood with a leather finish to prevent all kinds of pressure. So if you are traveling from time to time, this can be a good option for you aside from the hard pool cue cases.
The only disadvantage for these cases is that they do not have more extra spaces for accessories like hard cases do.
box pool cue case

Leather Pool Cue Case

A legit leather case always comes at an expensive price. Whether a soft case or hard case, this is a good option if you are looking for an amazing leather exterior. Though it has the same advantages as other pool cue cases, this has an edge when it comes to the aesthetic look.

Some players opt for this case since we all know how durable the leather material is.

How Many Cues Will a Case Hold?

Depending on the brand and features, cue cases range from different carrying capacity. It varies from cases to cases depending on how many pool cues you have.

When looking or buying for a potential case, never forget how many cues sticks you plan on storing. If you are new to this game, the carrying capacity you need may not be that large still. This simple equation (1x1, 2x2, 4x8, etc.) shows how many shafts and butts you will need your case to hold. But if you only plan on having one cue stick to carry, a 1x1 case will be enough for your needs, plus, it will not cost you that much.

But if you are a professional player, you might need more carrying capacity of your pool cue cases. You can opt for 2x2 or 3x3 or 3x4 or 4x8. In that way, you will have more compartments for your shafts and butts and can store them all together in one secured place.

What to Consider When Buying a Case?

These are some other factors to be considered in buying a new pool cue case:

Though cue cases are not required to be able to play pool, it can be a good investment for your hobby. After all, they keep your cue sticks protected and well-maintained. With the right choice and cost-effective cues, you can certainly get high-quality that can be purchased around $100 only. The more it is high in quality, the more it can get expensive. So, don’t have any second thoughts about purchasing expensive pool cue cases.

Carrying Capacity
As mentioned earlier, if you are new to this game, you can have a 1x1 or 2x2 cases for your cue sticks. But if you have a lot of cue sticks reserved for competition or trick shots, and pool accessories in store, you can opt for more carrying capacity for your shafts and butts.

Style and Materials
If you are very particular in style or aesthetic looks of your cases, then there are tons of options available for you in-store or online. Most high-quality pool cue cases come in sophisticated and minimal style, have leather materials, hard plastic covers, rubber for its corners, and exterior for gripping purposes. Just make sure that these said materials have a thick quantity to ensure shock absorption when hard impact happens.

Extra Storage
Pool cue cases with extra storage are important for every pool player, especially if you travel often and carry a lot of pool accessories. It is important to have a convenient case with all your essentials stored in one place.
Some pool cue cases have zipper pockets to give you room for daily pool essentials while not destroying the over-all design and security of the case.

Handle or Shoulder Strap
Adjustable handle or straps is a must in every pool cue case so that it can perfectly fit for your shoulders. Straps and handles can give utmost convenience when traveling since you can just carry it sound your shoulders without giving too much strain and strength in your hands. Of course, leather straps and leather handles is a well-recommended material since it gives grip and waterproof features. 

Also, make sure that it has a textured grip and enough sizing for better handling especially in traveling.
how to choose a pool cue case

Final Word on what to consider when buying a pool cue case

After all this written information for your benefit and buying guide, your comfort should be the number one consideration in buying pool cue cases. 

There are hundreds of cases available on the market today with reliable quality. Just make sure to consider reading all the reviews and buying guides to help you choose what cue case fits you well.

Again, pool cue cases are not required in playing, but they can give full protection to your cue sticks depending on its value, style, features, and the type of materials used without making your money go to waste.
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